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Creating Happiness


  • Okra in sesame paste

    Our okra in sesame paste has long been a top seller, and it continues to be a big favorite with our customers.

  • Artisan-made beans

    Our highly skilled artisans make this bean dish with soy sauce and sugar only, meticulously "communicating" with the beans and considering that day's conditions to make sure they some out just right. They're well worth a try!

  • Summer vegetables and kombu seaweed

    This dish looks colorful, and at the same time tastes incredible refreshing. These are the kind of vegetables that bring to mind the powerful energy of summer, and you'll want to eat lots of them during that season!

  • Deep-fried tofu with vegetable bits boiled in soy sauce

    The tofu comes in cute little balls ready to eat, and the big black beans inside are bursting with flavor.

  • Fresh 18-grain salad with three kinds of beans & okra

    This 19-flavor healthy salad is full of both vegetable fiber and minerals.

  • Japanese-grown spinach in tofu & sesame paste

    This luscious tofu and sesame paste has the consistency of a cream salad, and the spinach is frozen only once to ensure a fresh taste.

  • Stewed fried tofu with Japanese-grown mustard spinach

    With this dish, we take special care to lock in the fresh flavors of just-picked mustard spinach. And since it's frozen only once, it retains its crispy consistency.

  • Asparagus with peanuts

    This is a terrific combination of two very different flavors: green asparagus and crispy crushed peanuts. We've made this dish our very own by adding freeze-dried tofu.

  • Deepwater shrimp with edible chrysanthemum

    This dish adds a bit of luxury to your main course. Featuring fresh deepwater shrimp used in sashimi,plus green okra and golden chrysanthemum, it's dressed up in vibrant color that's also pleasing to the eye.

  • Black sesame burdock salad

    It's the dependable burdock salad with a little extra punch: the secret's in the black sesame!

  • Japanese-style okra and mushrooms

    Featuring okra, golden chrysanthemum, and five different varieties of mushrooms, this dish is a delight to the eye as well as the palate. It can be enjoyed in a variety of settings, including with soba buckwheat noodles, pasta, and more.

  • Stewed freeze-dried tofu

    With our special techniques, we've maintained the vivid tone of the tofu, even though it's thoroughly infused with Japanese stock. We've got three great colors to decorate your table: red, white, and tan.

  • Beans in sesame paste

    This little dish is a favorite with customers year-round.

  • Hijiki seaweed salad

    Our method of preparing hijiki seaweed is slightly different than the usual. Mixed with raw vegetables, it makes a tasty fresh Japanese-style salad.

  • Simmered Japanese-grown dried daikon strips and kombu seaweed

    This quality dish features the eye-pleasing deep green of top quality makombu seaweed, and it's finished elegantly with a touch of sweet flavor. The kombu flavor that infuses the daikon comes from the makombu salt-curing process.

  • Finest quality beans

    We use only extra-large black beans from the Tamba-Sasayama region, reputed to be the best-tasting in Japan, for this delicious dish. They're slow-cooked for an elegant, sweet taste and lustrous texture.

  • Sauteed burdock and carrot

    This standard has been around for a long time for a reason: it's simply delicious, and elegantly finished.

  • Chicken and vegetables stir-fry

    This luxurious, hardy dish features a shimmering luscious stock with generous chunks of seven different types of ingredients—and the result is undeniably delicious flavor.

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