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Creating Happiness


  • Okra with sesame sauce

    Our best seller over years.

  • Summer vegetables mixed with kelp

    Your tablewill look like a flower garden with the vivid color of the powerful summer vegetables.

  • (CF)Okra and steamed chicken yuzu citrus chili pepper starchy ankake sauce

    Looks great! Tastes great! Is highly profitable!

  • YK String beans with roasted sesame

    Appetizing side dish in boxed lunch. Also one of our best sellers.

  • R Three beans salad with okra and 18 kinds of grains

    A dish with lots of a grains. Great source of dietary fiber and minerals.
    (Received a judges' award at the Smile Care Foods Contest

  • Braised sakura shrimp and okra with edible chrisanthemum

    The green okra, pink sakura shrimp, and yellow edible chrisanthemums create a flamboyantly gorgeous dish.

  • Petite ganmo - deep fried bean curd - and string beans boiled with soy sauce and sugar

    Enjoy the juicy petite ganmo.
    (Smile Care Foods)

  • Fried eggplant and string beans in a Japanese-style ginger starchy ankake sauce

    The sauce is rich but not heavy. Our eggplants retain their vibrant purple color and never fail to please the eye!

  • Freeze-dried tofu, rapeseed blossoms, and sakura shrimp boiled in Japanese soup(agodashi)

    Freez-dried tofu soaked in Japanese agodashi soup with colorful rapeseed blossoms.
  • Skilled craftsmen made sweet kintoki beans

    Beans simmered in a big pot over an open fire with only sugar and soy sauce controlled by our skilled craftsmen.

  • Energy namul featuring mustard spinach from Ibaraki

    The secret to the popularity of these Korean-style seasoned vegetables is how we prepare and combine the ingredients.

  • R Rapeseed blossoms and bamboo shoots with sesame

    A spring specialty. The bubbly texture of the sesame doubles the good taste of the rapeseed blossoms and bamboo shoots.

  • (CF)YK Colorful broccoli with lemon salad

    This salad features give ingredients and a savory lemon flavor. This vibrant salad is highlighted by the five different colors of the ingredients.

  • Japanese-grown spinach dressed with roasted sesame

    Japanese-grown spinach and Japanese-grown carrots are complemented by non-Japanese grown sesame seeds.
    *Be careful - the sesame seeds were not grown in Japan!!

  • Sweet potato and mustard spinach in a Japanese-style ginger starchy ankake sauce

    Potatoes and green leafy veges match an ankake sauce so beautifully. This dish is elegant and refined expression of Japanese food culture.

  • R Tomato and grains rice base
    (chili flavor)

    The real thing! Great for kid's meals, designed for adults! This taste is full of flavor!

  • Chugaku imo
    (Candied Sweet Potato)

    "Chugaku" means "junior high", so this dish is smaller version of ever popular daigaku-imo (university sweet potato). Girls get a lot of joy from the cute bite-size potatoes.

  • Fall-color salad with chestnuts, sweet potato and drained tofu

    All these fall ingredients are good combination. Is there a better dish than this?!?

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