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Creating Happiness



"Creating Happiness"

Yamadai Food Corporation is the kind of company that makes Okazu – Japanese dishes – you eat every day, and so it's really important to us that these dishes are of the highest quality.
Of course we consider the key factors of nutrition, health, and – above all else- safety.
Yet in addition to all this, there's one more thing that we place equal emphasis on:

"Food is "The Seed" that bears happiness among people".

Good food is something that melts the one's heart and warms the entire family.
It can also strengthen your relationship with that special someone.
Finally, it can help lead to a nicer society overall.
Our corporate philosophy at Yamadai Food Corporation is "Creating Happiness".
To live up to it, we keep in mind that we spread "The Seed" to provide "happiness" through our products.


Yamadai Food Corporation began in 1921 in Tomida-Isshiki-cho, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie, on Ise bay,
when the founder, Ujuro Higuch started making Tsukudani,
preserved seafood boiled in soy sauce, from seafood in the bay.
Later, his successor Mamoru began pioneering business in producing and distributing Sozai – another name for Okazu – which was traditionally being made at home.
Then Mamoru's successor Masahiko began distributing these Sozai as frozen products at a time when people still did not take the idea seriously.

Looking back, it's clear that Yamadai Food Corporation began coming up with new ideas a step ahead of society.
At the same time, we embarked on our mission of creating our concept of happiness for society.
At Yamadai Food Corporation, each and every one of our employees has the special energy of this philosophy running through their veins.

Our future

"We who live in the "present" pass the baton from the "past" to the "future", and we must polish it up to make it a better one.

"We can't get the same taste we want even if we cook in the same way with the same ingredients."

This is one of the batons we have succeeded.
Every farm products have different taste and quality even when they are produced in the same place and cultivated at the same time.
How does one "bring out the best we want" in the ingredients?
To find the best way, we closely examine all ingredients before cooking.
We always try to appreciate the differences in them.

Not only "past" experience, but also our "present" ingenuity is required to recognize the slightest differences between ingredients of the same kind. For this reason, we are "straightforwardly" facing to individual ingredients more than anything.
And then we are making ingenuity every day for better products to make our baton special.
Sometimes we add the special "uniqueness" essence into our products; thus allowing us to hand it to the "future" with pride.

Kokoro - mind

  1. To make people happy, we create delicious food.
  2. We contribute to "the well-being" of the society and act for "the benefit of everyone".
  3. Be nice to everyone! Smiles are contagious and always be kind to others.
  4. We strive to improve ourselves along with the people around us.
  5. We respect the tradition and hand down it to the next generation. We live in the present with visions for the future.

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